[REL]Habbsite CMS with HK build in panel[REL]

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[REL]Habbsite CMS with HK build in panel[REL]

Post  Micky on Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:30 pm

thanks to Habbsite CMS i have edited the panel i just make the link of working housekeeping online you can login strait form the panel flex server is included
and working via the panel any bugs report to me also thx to the maker of HK5 Very Happy

download link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2W7PRHHP

you guys now the habbsite CMS stuff:

<>JS Scripts (100%)
<>CSS Styles (100%)
<>Completes website images (95%)
<>CMS Panel --Franšais / English / Italian-- (100%)
<>Maintenance page (100%)
<>RSS News (0%)
<>Goodies like ()phpinfo, etc... (100%)
<>Add some Habbo Pack 4 images after autorization from Keenan.

Release 2.0

/!\ ANNOUNCE /!\ Let's go for MySQL !!!!!! Now the main page is an php page who ask an MySQL database for catch some things of the pages (boxes, ads...) !!!!! 2.0 beat will be go out after a lot of works.
Thanks to a lot of people for helping me ^^

---Contents for 2.0---
<---->New Habbo website layout
<>New JS Scripts (100%)
<>New CSS Styles (100%)
<>Converting v2 boxes to v3 boxes in MySQL database (30%)
<>Added v3 boxes images (100%)
<>Completes website images (80%)
<>Habbo Homes system by FMC -cody44703@yahoo.com-(80%)
<>Maintenance page (100%)
<>RSS News (0%)
<>Goodies like ()phpinfo, etc... (80%)
<>Change layout by country (US,UK,FR) (100%)
<>MySQL connexion (70%)
<>PHP editing via MySQL (35%)
<>Loading page with MySQL -- for exemple : before main.htm is 64 ko, after main.php is 12ko. -- (100%)
<>Some Habbo images (60%)
<>Help in Panel (60%)

i will try to get some stuff to 100% if i can get a beta source from the owner becouse i dont have any start point at all

stuff is did a bitt

<>Login needed for panel -- Seurity system -- (86%)
<>CMS Panel -- only enlish for now-- (80%)
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