[TUT] How to make you're own Hotel whit SSO [TUT]

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[TUT] How to make you're own Hotel whit SSO [TUT]

Post  Micky on Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:06 am

Own SSO Hotel tutorial

Welcome by this Tutorial were I learn you how you make you're own hotel whit SSO. Sorry fore my bad English but i'm Dutch.

First download a server:
http://tropical.redirectme.net/~blaa...hp?p=91#post91 <--- This is a list of servers
You can download the SSO from that site to but here the site: http://w13.easy-share.com/1699594585.html

You can downoad a pack whit HOLOcms whit a server here:

Now you must start your server (open whit winrar or winzip or something else). Look of th server start. If a balloon come up whit "socket error" is the server already open of the server is fould.

Now you must upload the SSO pages. You must have a server whit PHP.
Apache is a good server but difficult to understand.
You can upload the SSO on freewebs to. (htp://www.freewebs.com/)
If you have make a account and you can choose you're tamplate on freewebs you must click on something white HTML by the search button.
Than as you have your account you must click on the button Build and Edit and than on Super Multi Uploader.

Than if you have done click on the website were you have upload the SSO and register (only if you're server is on) and enjoin!

If I make a fould please tell it me here!


EDIT: you can make you're own hotel better on xampp (a server whit apache and MSQL) in the map htdocs can you drop you php websites
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