[rel] Holo Cms V2 [hot]

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[rel] Holo Cms V2 [hot]

Post  Micky on Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:11 am

I found holo cms v2 after a hard day of working. You could repay me with some v18 dcrs and vars Razz

What is HoloCMS?
HoloCMS is a free, advanced, and powerful website and content management system for Holograph Emulator. It is a complete solution that integrates perfectly, and works together with Holograph Emulator. It has been in development since december 2007 and has evolved a lot. HoloCMS 2.0 is a brand new version of HoloCMS that contains many improvements, fixes, and a lot of function rewrites. Due to the fact nearly every file was modified during the creation of this version, we have decided to call it version 2.0.

Key Features
- Full database integration with Holograph Emulator, MUS
- Full on-site login and register
- SSO Tickets and Login
- Holograph Emulator and HoloCMS fully configurable
- Advanced Housekeeping / Admin CP system
- Habbo Homes and Groups system
- Habbo Club system
- Voucher redeeming, Transactions, etc
..and so much more! This is just a little taster

Download Link:

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